Sample Services

For Businesses 

Describe your concerns and I'll teach you how to explain them to your lawyer efficiently and without miscommunication.

Legal fundamentals
I'll give you a crash course on whatever legal concept or term you're struggling with.

Legalese translation
I'll translate your lawyer's abstract legal advice into explicit, actionable steps, or help you understand what that agreement you just received actually does.

Risk assessment
I'll review your lawyer's advice to make sure nothing was missed, and help you discuss any concerns with them productively.

For Attorneys

Second-set-of-eyes review
I'll examine and provide detailed feedback on your advice, assessment, or other work product.

Talking through a problem / strategy
I'll help you identify risks and think through a problem, situation, or strategy.

Prepare materials
I'll create bespoke educational materials for you to pass on to your client.

Liaise directly with a client
I'll equip your client with the legal knowledge they'll need to best take advantage of your services.

For Creatives

Realism review
I'll assess the legal plausibility of your work and help you improve it if necessary.

System development
I'll work with you to design, develop, and debug a fictional or hypothetical legal system.

Ruleset analysis
I'll assess your ruleset to identify and resolve conflicts or other problems.

Pricing Policy


My personal stance is that charging hourly rates tends to create conflicting incentives for everyone involved, particularly given the typical rates of lawyers and consultants. Instead of wasting time and energy balancing the quality and thoroughness of my work against your desire to save money, I charge you a flat fee and put all that time and energy into giving you great service, no matter how long it takes. 

If you're a strong believer in the billable hour or if your project involves a truly unpredictable workload, contact me and we can work it out on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, my services are available on both a flat-fee one-off basis and on a subscription basis. Subscribers will get priority if there's a scheduling conflict, and subscribers who pay up front for longer periods will get a better deal.

For business and attorney consulting, pricing will be as follows:

  1. I explain stuff to you informally with you: starting at $150
  2. I create materials for your own use: starting at $225
  3. I create materials for you to share with others: starting at $300

Subscriptions will also be available as follows:

  1. Any 3 projects per month: $450 (bronze)
  2. Any 5 projects per month: $700 (silver)
  3. Any 20 projects per month: $2,000 (gold)

If you're a nonprofit, social enterprise, or a solo practitioner, special rates may be available.

Because creative work varies so widely in scope, I don't have preset rates for it  contact me and we'll figure it out. Don't be shy! I love helping creatives do their thing.