Services for Creatives

Realism Review

If you're writing a book or screenplay involving legal scenarios, I can help you maintain realism and immersion by making sure your courtroom scenes don't sound like nonsense and your narrative twists the ones involving legal issues, at least  don't raise skeptical eyebrows.


Speculative Legal Systems

If you're building a whole new world that includes laws, rulemakers, enforcers, and so on, I can help you ensure that those systems are appropriately coherent and functional. Whether you're creating fictional laws for fictional worlds or doing thought experiments  e.g., "What would a legal and social system look like if it was impossible to inherit wealth?" I can help you design, develop, and debug those systems.


Ruleset Analysis

If you're developing a game, that game will consist in large part of rules. Those rules have to cohere and avoid contradiction. As an avid gamer, an experienced writer-of-instructions, and a lawyer with a knack for finding gaps and loopholes in rulesets, I can help you thoroughly map rule interactions to fine tune your design, prevent conflicts, and reduce ambiguity. (Alternately, if part of the point of your game is having the players argue about the rules, I can help you find the most fruitful ambiguities.)

When I was writing my first roleplaying game, I ended up with a large, difficult manuscript. Peter helped me sort it out, trim up the language, rehabilitate my clumsy writing, and many other fixes. He brought a level of professionalism to my first book and I am eternally thankful for his diligence and patience with my novice misconceptions. Thanks to this kickstart, I have gone on to write more books and I bring many of the things I learned from Peter into my work to this day.
— Greg, game designer