Services for Businesses


Got a problem but don't know what kind of attorney you need or how to find one? Not sure how to get the most out of the lawyer hours in your budget? Getting stuck in endless back-and-forth emails as your lawyer asks for more information? Let me help you get oriented, identify the legal representation you need, and equip you to communicate all of the relevant information to your lawyer without all the rigmarole. 



Trying to figure out the difference between stock options and restricted stock units? Or how trademarks work? Or why there's a big ALL CAPS block of text yelling at you in the contract you've been asked to sign? Running into communication problems because every time you say "IP" your lawyer hears "IP" (a term of art that means different things in business and law)?

Lawyer-hours are expensive and conversations with lawyers have a tendency to end up in confusing legal jargon. That's because the majority of lawyers' professional time is spent interacting with other lawyers. Lawyering consists largely of increasing precision at the expense of clarity. The result is that most lawyers are highly trained specialists who have a hard time communicating about legal concepts with non-lawyers. 

Let me get you up to speed cheaper, faster, and without taking your lawyer's attention away from the important work of handling your legal needs.


Legalese Translation

It's incredibly common for businesses to struggle to implement, on a technical/practical level, the advice they receive from their lawyers. Having spent time on both sides of this relationship, I can help you turn your lawyer's advice into explicit, practical action items, tailored specifically to your business and/or engineering process.


Belt and Suspenders (Second Opinion)

It's important to trust your attorney, but it's also important to be sure you're getting the best advice possible, particularly if your issue falls outside your attorney's primary area of expertise  as they say in Russia, "Trust, but verify," With an overview of your issue and your lawyer's advice, I can arm you with additional questions to ask your lawyer, or work with your lawyer directly to provide a second set of eyes on the project. 

Peter’s help has been invaluable to me as a first-time small business owner. He has helped me revise contracts and explained trademark and copyright laws in terms I could understand. He talks about law in plain English, but is still thorough and precise. I recommend his services without reservation.
— Halley, game developer
I recommend Law Explainer without hesitation or reservation. Wielding clarity and depth with equal ease, Peter’s counsel removes barriers to progress for me and my clients. He’s assisted me with protecting IP, ensuring fair and clear partnerships, and more. Peter is a high-value asset, period.
— Ian, consultant
After having had Peter’s support as a technical writer at my previous company, I was eager to bring him aboard as a legal advisor for my current venture. He’s helped us protect our trademark, assess a domain name dispute, and navigate a cross-borders acquisition, and also provided other routine corporate consultancy services. In a fast-paced, high-pressure growth company environment, Peter’s combination of business savvy, legal expertise, and clear communication has been invaluable.
— Alex, founder and CEO