Services for Attorneys


Every lawyer sometimes gets stuck in the mud, trying to figure out an ambiguous statute or judicial opinion. For all those times when you need to talk through a problem, find a loophole, get confirmation that you haven't missed something, or just brainstorm, I'm in your corner. 

And because I don't charge by the hour, you can quickly get another set of eyes to review that agreement or run worst case scenarios with you at a great rate, regardless of complexity or necessary time.



We've all had clients who need their hand held, who get in your way (and their own) by hounding you with questions or by misunderstanding legal fundamentals. While it's understandable that the client wants a complete picture of what's happening with their business and what they're paying you for, this also puts you in a difficult position: your job is to handle their legal needs, and you can't do that if you're stuck handling their legal education.

With my wealth of experience communicating complex ideas and concepts simply, I can provide your client with the information they need to feel comfortable and free you up to zealously represent their interests. I can liaise directly with your client or prepare materials for you to share with them, specially tailored to their particular issues and level of sophistication, whether they're a seasoned pro or just starting out. 

Peter has a strong legal mind because he understands not only the contents and details of U.S. law, but also the first principles that underlie that law. I have frequently sought his insight on how to approach my own legal problems, especially in contract interpretation and drafting. Although I am primarily a litigator, my work has required me to review, analyze, and draft contracts, especially in the intellectual property context. On several occasions, I have reached out to Peter for his thoughts and insights on the structure of such contracts, including the ramifications of drafting contract provisions one way versus another, and strategic and substantive considerations for why the contract should be structured/designed one way versus another. He has helped me develop confidence in my legal conclusions concerning these issues.
— Sam, patent attorney